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From Cairo to Panama, Asia Pacific and back, we have been instrumental in the decision-making of organisations and companies globally – clients trust us because we build relationships. We don’t just transpose ideas from one project to another, we take the time to address both business needs and those of the communities’ businesses depend on. This helps us build stability the world over. Secure, stable, sustainable outcomes wherever you need it.


Al Thuraya Consultancy


ATC is a global leader in risk management and operational service support, focusing on security, safety and resiliency. We offer a unique blend of international expertise and localised insights to ensure the safety and integrity of our customer operations in emerging markets. With proficiency spanning 40+ industries, ATC delivers transformative outcomes for a dynamic world.

ICE24 Security Services


ICE 24 Security Services is fast developing to become the preferred advisors for government officials and corporate leaders across the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We continually offer top-tier services tailored especially to safeguard interests in these dynamic markets. International standards blend with unique local demands.

Al Thuraya Consultants


We seamlessly blend international expertise with an in-depth understanding of the local context, ensuring the safety and integrity of our clients' operations by providing world-class security solutions and operational excellence for your operations across South Africa and the Southern tip.

Al Thuraya Consultants


We are empowering companies to sustain operations in any environment. Our approach is to understand the whole organization – your strategy and goals, policies and procedures, risks and opportunities. This is so we can design solutions that fit your operating environment and reflect your resources and requirements.

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Our unique but global approach creates sizeable capital gain opportunities for our clients, consolidated by our measured approach to risk and safety. Unrivalled on-the-ground cultural intelligence, alongside a network of multidisciplinary experts, gives us the advantage of recognising pursuits worth going after. We see patterns before they appear – and leverage this alongside global experience to keep our clients on the cutting edge. 

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