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Liptov Holdings is a global consulting firm that partners with regional leaders across business and society, tackling their most important challenges and capturing their greatest opportunities. Your success is ours, and that rests on our companies’ power for deep collaboration across all facets of enterprise and industry. Think expert know-how, international presence, and on-the-ground grit. And that’s why we specialise in navigating risk through to reward.


Our global presence and decades of experience are the sum of people – both our staff & experts, but also our clients and local communities. This truly human-centered approach is at the centre of how we innovate – while others might deploy new technology and processes, we go a step further and understand how people interact with these, and how to improve products, processes and systems.

Our USP centres on achieving not just the measurable, but what others might consider immeasurable. We focus on sustainability as well as results, alongside adjusting to change – even when change is unexpected. From individually tailored security services up to strategic level consultancy or management, we have the latest insights backed by unique delivery capabilities so your business and interests can continue leading competition from the front.


Aerospace and Defense

Automotive Industry

Consumer Products Industry



Financial Institutions

Health Care Industry

Industrial Goods

Insurance Industry

Principal Investors and Private Equity

Public Sector

Retail Industry

Technology & Media


Transportation and Logistics

Travel and Tourism


Rely on us to support dominance and develop portfolios across frontier markets. We amplify reach to new territories while maintaining strongholds in familiar ones. We assist in building resilience within complex organisations, emphasising adaptive strategic management that anticipates and responds to shifts in business landscapes. Our goal is not only to secure assets but to define the future of industries and communities.

We build partnerships focused on guiding clients to become industry leaders while contributing to the thriving future of economies and societies. Liptov’s services extend beyond routine business operations to ensure the safety of executives during international travel, day-to-day business activities, and personal life.


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